Artist statement

I love creating with positive uncoded meaning. 

Because everything is energy. It is only our choice, what kind of energy we choose to be surrounded by. I choose to surround myself with creative, constructive and positive energy that is equal to beauty, peace, love and harmony.
I create wearable art which
- radiates, vibrates harmonic aspects, 
- give you a positive experience, 
- keep your mood and well-being at a high energetic level.

 I use a color pallet of nature beauty, different symbols and objects with proven through the ages mystical energetic meaning, different positive affirmations, that help positive transformation to appear.

I love to dig deep, to ask questions about how life is created, what is the meaning under any situations, how to transform that and get desirable outcomes as I do believe that all that is, have the cause and the code for understanding it. To find the way to decode all mysteries all we need to do is to allow the changes to occur in ourselves. As I do inner work I become more open to hear, feel, see and understand the underlying truths. I create art with the intention to activate individuals' inner powers. Each piece of wall art will tell different stories for each of you and will guide you. The essence of the trick is to listen, trust and act according to your inner direction. We are all different and equally unique, which is why the stories will be so different for everyone. "

Wearable art will let you feel good and special


Everyone will agree, that to feel good is much easier when you are nicely dressed, than when your outfit is not nice. And this is why:

When you are dressed nicely and especially when your outfit reflects your personality (I am talking about your true personality, not masks many of us use to get other's approval), then everything (who you are and what you want to show to others) is in harmony. And under the law of attraction: „Like attracts LIKE“, you will attract all harmonic experience in your daily life. And when everything in life goes smoothly, to feel good is so natural.

I do believe that express everyone's uniqueness is much easier with wearable art

I create for those who value handwork, who desire to express themselves, their daily mood through the original outfit accessories, home interior details.

My Story in short

I am Lina Egle Urbonaite - a self-educated artist, the free creator from Lithuania. How birds can't stop fly, I can‘t stop creating. I grew up with the motto “If I can‘t buy what I liked, I can create it“. And so, not new coat, which fabric I liked, become a skirt and vest, men‘s pants become a short and vest and so on. I was the author of all these metamorphoses, my mom and grandma, who are good at designing and sewing, helped me to realize it. 

The desire to create came from Lina's childhood and has grown, strengthened and condensed into works of art that you can find in her collection. Original wall art created with encoded positive meaning as well as the original design hand-painted silks and wool hand felt accessories for your closets or gifts.

My path to the art world was not straight. After getting a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at the Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) in 2005, I worked successfully for a decade in different business areas, but the creative fire in me reminded  where I am the most passionate and happy. After I tried painting on silk the big changes in my career began and I became a full-time artist. Is this my last transformation?… I don’t know, I leave the door open for life :)

I created my own website to expose my artworks  - L GIFTS  and from 2012 work as a self-employed artist. The brand name was changed to LATINGE in the 2016 summer (

More experience information on 

With love, Lina Egle,


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