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original designs & artist's hand work will improve your style, everyday attitude and will remind how special you are.

LATINGE all accessories, wearable art are hand made by the artist 

Lina Egle Urbonaite

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Silk is a beautiful gift from nature that has been cultivated for over 3,500 years. Ancient coloring and resist techniques were developed to embellish the woven cloth of silk and cotton that came from India and China. The wax resist or batik techniques of India have been documented back to the 2nd century A.D. and 200 years later the wax techniques filtered into Java, where the batik industry flourished and which has become the center of the batik industry. Gutta is probably the most recent development in the history of resist techniques, but the origin of the craft remains something of a mystery. One could surmise that the craft has its origins in the Indonesian Islands, where the palaquium tree (from which gutta-percha is obtained) grows naturally.

Silk painting is creating art on fabric with silk as the canvas. It is a direct 'paint-on' method with specific dyes and paints applied to the silk fabric. An array of exciting colors is used. The colours are merged with soft and smooth strokes to become an integral part of the silk fabric. Silk paintings use silk fabric as a platform unlike other paintings that are done on canvas.

Hand painted silk is a magnificent fabric, when the design is done well and the colours applied correctly by the artist.

But the other thing that strikes many people when they watch silk hand painting process for the first time is that the fabric is going to be absolutely unique. There is not even a remote possibility that the design could be repeated or replicated. The process of making the design is both a work of art and a hand craft.

All process takes a long time. Making silk fabric by hand is labour-intensive and requires care and art during each stage of manufacture.



Take a look how hand painted silk scarf is created by Lina Egle Urbonaite:




Hand painted silk scarves

Hand painted silk make-up bags (with positive affirmations)

Hand painted silk pillow cases

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